Adhere to the "always innovative, and strive to excellence," the quality policy, to provide customers with high quality, practical travel luggage supplies and good service is the company from beginning to end purpose.

Since the venture, the company leadership led all the Newcomer people advancing with the times, hard work, "the brand as the core, to the management efficiency; market as the guide, the industry for backing; to the group as the main branch of the accounting; As a business vision, and actively guide employees to participate in enterprise construction, give full play to the initiative of the staff initiative. ".... Strengthen the internal management of enterprises, and advocate the concept of social return, and always take the "take society, social return" as its mission, resolutely implement the "people-oriented, comprehensive and coordinated and sustainable scientific development concept, building a harmonious society" spirit, Important social responsibility. And gradually established a "set up a 'innovation, dedication, integrity, win-win' management philosophy, to achieve business, employees, customers, four-dimensional supply side, multi-win" corporate values.

Newcomer as the leader in the domestic luggage industry, in the "Zhejiang leather", "leather", "Beijing leather", "Shanghai leather", "western leather" and other industry magazines have shown a good spirit, Experience and circle of people to share, to lead the same industry partners toward the Chinese luggage more brilliant future.

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